TrailBall Challenge France-UK 5K Team - Round 2December 22, 2013 – Parc Suzanne Lenglen, Paris, France – Monkton Park, Chippenham, Angleterre – Tredegar House, Newport, Wales  –  : second TrailBall Challenge UK-France 5K Team.
4 teams vied for the best time on this distance, each team in its country.

Following, the race summaries, and results!
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TrailBall in its natural environment

TrailBall in its natural environment

December 1 2013 – Tredegar House, Newport, South Wales – UK TrailBall pioneer Paul Beales today set the first official time for TrailBall Solo over a distance of 5 kilometers.
The Solo variant of TrailBall involves advancing the ball alone over the course, without the help of team members.
Congratulations, Paul!
Read Paul’s first-hand account of the event, and official course record, validated by Christian Harberts.
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Premier TrailBall Challenge France-Angleterre 5KNovember 24 2013 – Lydiard Park, Swindon – Parc Suzanne Lenglen, Paris – : first official TrailBall event in England, on the first edition of the  5K International TrailBall Speed Challenge.

5 teams squared off in the two countries, each in their respective venue.  The level of play is simply remarkable.

Following, read about the races and find out who won!
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