TrailBall in its natural environment

TrailBall in its natural environment

December 1 2013 – Tredegar House, Newport, South Wales – UK TrailBall pioneer Paul Beales today set the first official time for TrailBall Solo over a distance of 5 kilometers.
The Solo variant of TrailBall involves advancing the ball alone over the course, without the help of team members.
Congratulations, Paul!
Read Paul’s first-hand account of the event, and official course record, validated by Christian Harberts.
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Christian Harberts Marathon de Paris  2013 Pieds NusFriends of TrailBall, welcome to trailball.net, the sport’s official web site.

Take a few minutes to have a look around YOUR site.

Then, keep an eye on the blog to keep up with the latest developments of the sport. New ideas will be discussed here on the site (less on the social networks) in order to reach as many players as possible.

I have a highly-developed sense of community: its here I will work with TrailBall’s ambassadors as they accompany me on this this adventure…

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