1365070040518 TrailBall is a ball sport that is played alone or with others, outside in nature. The main rule is to move a ball running, striking it with the feet, avoiding obstacles and keeping control of the ball.

Team TrailBall is played with 2 to 4 team members (see above.) You can play against other teams or time your sessions.

Rules of TrailBall

To start the session, each team member must place his foot on the ball. There is no requirement for a war cry at this time, but if this inspires you …

Once the game begins, only the feet must be in contact with the ball. The only exception is if the ball gets stuck, and cannot be extracted except by using the hands. In this case, the team must stop and restart the race where the ball was last kicked.

At the end of the session, all members of the team must once again place their feet on the ball to signal the end of the timed event. The team must stay together during the entire session!

TrailBall Strategy

Here are some tips to play efficiently:

Perform accurate, short passes between team members;
Take it in turns to handle the ball! This keeps the ball moving whilst other members take a break. This approach also avoids clashes between teammates – useful on tight passages or in endurance sessions. Warning – adults can quickly revert back to childhood during TrailBall sessions, with everyone chasing the ball like kids during school recess. This can be very ineffective during a race 😉
Where there are obstacles on the course, send a crew ahead to help overcome the difficulty, i.e. on stairs, over water, roads, to avoid pedestrians etc. This will help to keep control of the ball;
Do not go too fast – on the contrary, keep a pace suited to the distance of the race.

Some variants of TrailBall require specific skills and teamwork, such as TrailBall Navigate.

TrailBall Techniques:

Kick the underside of the ball to project it upwards;
Balance the ball on the top of the foot to flick it over an obstacle;
• You can also bounce the ball on your feet or knees, to give it an extra boost;
• Actions using the knees, stomach, chest, bust, shoulders, back and head are allowed.

Use of the hands and arms are not allowed!

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