TrailBall Challenge France-UK 5K Team - Round 2December 22, 2013 – Parc Suzanne Lenglen, Paris, France – Monkton Park, Chippenham, Angleterre – Tredegar House, Newport, Wales  –  : second TrailBall Challenge UK-France 5K Team.
4 teams vied for the best time on this distance, each team in its country.

Following, the race summaries, and results!

TrailBall Challenge – UK-France – 5K Team

TrailBall Challenge France-UK 5K Team - Round 2After a first challenge launched in October by Paul Beales, first TrailBall UK ambassador, it was to be expected that the a rematch would be demanded.

The French A team, (Sergio et Frédéric), won the second TrailBall Challenge for the second time.  The UK A Team fought bravely but was hindered by the absence of a couple of team members due to the holidays, and highly unfavorable weather conditions that caused a part of the course to be flooded…

Warm thanks to our two TrailBall ambassadors in  England and Wales. Paul Beales and Ian Hicks have gone out of their way to promote our sport across the Channel. Congratulations also to all of the participants. We hope to organize more TrailBall meetings in the near future and attract even more TrailBall teams!

Why not contact us with the player form to start your own groups?

Also, make sure you check out the current speed records, by location and distance, then report your own records via the TrailBall Records Page.

The match in England

Place : Monkton Park, Chippenham
Team : Ian Hicks, Simon Bridges

Simon Bridges and myself met at Monkton Park, Chippenham for a 5k Enduro event. Heavy rain had left the course extremely wet and muddy, so a good time was going to be a challenge.

Things started well, with good ball control and accurate passing to each other. The going got interesting when we came to parts of the track that were flooded, I think it was more like playing water polo at times! We met a friendly dog who wanted to play ball, we had trouble finding the path at one point and nearly lost the ball when it rolled down a very steep bank towards a river!

My huaraches let me down half way around the course so I completed the second half barefoot 

Time was 35:59.

Excellent fun, looking forward to the next event. – IH

The match in Wales

Place : Tredegar House, Newport
Team : ‘Tîm Misfit Cymru’ – Team Welsh Misfits – Paul, Loy & Jonty Beales, and Nik & Jen Peregrine

Here is the race report from Tredegar House, Newport this morning for ‘Tîm Misfit Cymru’ …
Despite the route being VERY wet and muddy, we were very lucky with the weather and even managed a few sunny spells!

The Welsh Misfits consisted of 5 runners, Paul, Loy & Jonty Beales, and Nik & Jen Peregrine. We ran with 2 Trailballs.

As usual, the balls spent more time in water than on dry land, including once in a stream and then in the lake! Well done Jen for jumping in the stream and rescuing the ball

As anticipated, we finished the 5K diistance in 01:02:55. (Not bad really, considering we had two physically-challenged 55 year olds, one under 8, and three novices in the team!)

Anyway, we all enjoyed the exercise and outing, including the coffee and cake in the cafe after, and will be very happy to take 4th place on this occasion

Details of our route and time are here:
– PB

The match in France

Place : Parc Suzanne Lenglen (Paris)
Team A : Sergio, Frédéric
Team B : Sydoky, Pascal, Christian

TrailBall Challenge – France-UK 5K Team : deuxième Challenge TrailBall International de 2013, la France améliore – non – PULVÉRISE le record de vitesse sur 5 kilomètres TrailBall en équipe. 00:23:46 (temps non-encore homologué) – plus de détails ici :https://trailball.net/fr/trailball-speed-records/

J’ai effectué la course, (et même toute la sortie) pieds nus, par environ 8° et sol mouillé, quelques gouttes de pluie et (oh bonheur !) plein de flaques et de la boue ! Ma technique de course avec la TrailBall s’améliore, j’ai moins peur de shooter dans des objets statiques (trottoirs surtout) et de marcher sur des kipik… C’est vrai qu’on n’a vraiment pas le temps de penser à tout cela quand on courre avec d’autres équipiers. N’étant pas footeux à la base, l’exercice monopolise toute mon attention…

La résistance plantaire revient au galop (désolé – trop tentant !) et me confère un confort de course indéniable. Le froid, la boue, ne me gênent absolument pas. Quelques participants ont même essayé avec succès d’effectuer un kilomètre pieds nus – ils méritent le respect, car pour des pieds non-habitué à l’exercice, c’est un peu sauvage comme expérience…

Real results (GPS data)

Team / Equipe Members / Équipiers Actual Distance / Distance réelle (Meters / Mètres) Actual Time / Durée réelle (HH:MM:SS) Actual Speed / Vitesse réelle (km/h)
France Team A Sergio, Frédéric 5089 00:24:47 12.32
France Team B Sydoky, Pascal, Christian 5200 00:29:39 10.642
England Team Pays de galles Paul, Loy & Jonty Beales, and Nik & Jen Peregrine 5010 01:02:15 4.829
England Team England Ian Hicks, Simon Bridges 5050 00:35:51 8.452

Official 5K Results

Team / Equipe Members / Équipiers Official Distance / Distance officielle (Meters / Mètres) Official Time / Durée officielle (HH:MM:SS) Official Speed / Vitesse officielle (km/h)
France Team A Sergio, Frédéric 5000 00:24:36 12.32
France Team B Sydoky, Pascal, Christian 5000 00:28:13 10.642
England Team Pays de galles Paul, Loy & Jonty Beales, and Nik & Jen Peregrine 5000 01:02:07 4.829
England Team England Ian Hicks, Simon Bridges 5000 00:35:30 8.452

Methodology: The reference speed is calculated from the GPX file, according to the real distance run (which can differ from the official distance). This results in the actual results for each team. Next, this reference speed is applied to the official distance, which allows the official results to be calculated for each team.

Calculation toolhttps://www.runninglink.ch/Outils/calculette-temps-de-passage.html

France – Equipe A – Trace GPS

Distance totale: 5089 m
Total time: 00:24:47

Pays de galles – Equipe A – Trace GPS

Distance totale: 5010 m
Total time: 01:02:15

Angleterre – Equipe A – Trace GPS

Distance totale: 5050 m
Total time: 00:35:51

Photos – Angleterre

Photos – Pays de galles

Photos – France


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