Christian Harberts Marathon de Paris  2013 Pieds NusFriends of TrailBall, welcome to trailball.net, the sport’s official web site.

Take a few minutes to have a look around YOUR site.

Then, keep an eye on the blog to keep up with the latest developments of the sport. New ideas will be discussed here on the site (less on the social networks) in order to reach as many players as possible.

I have a highly-developed sense of community: its here I will work with TrailBall’s ambassadors as they accompany me on this this adventure…

TrailBall – Launch Priorities

We need to capitalize on the launch of the English version of trailball.net.

The most important missions are:

  1. Build out the player network – sell TrailBalls, identify and appoint ambassadors;
  2. Activate communication relays – press contacts, articles, bloggers, magazines, newspapers, TV… ;
  3. Upgrade the site (forum/wiki etc.)

The site is adequately equiped to relay TrailBall to new audiences. Make sure you use the « Addthis » buttons to share pages to your networks…

Also, if you can play TrailBall, you can organize your own TrailBall events – take a look at what member Paul Beales has done in the UK!

TrailBalls for Everybody, Worldwide

La Balle TrailBall V1 en PVC et en chanvre

Well – not quite everybody, but there are still a few left

Here’s the initial stash of TrailBalls, seen in April 2013. 25 in hemp, 25 in PVC.  Quantities of this first series is limited, as explained here.

Reponse since April has been excellent – in fact, TrailBall has gained traction outside of France earlier than expected, which is why we decided to launch the English version in November 2013.

So keep up the great work, build your teams, and talk up our sport – nothing like helping bring up an exciting new sports activity!

Here’s wishing you a a great TrailBall adventure!



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